Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Should I join EPGP from IIMK?

I have received multiple queries from candidates planning to join EPGP-09 batch in IIMK. The most common and first question anyone has is whether to join this course. I jotted down a few points to sent to these candidates. I will provide more details in future, the following are my quick thoughts:

  • Covers vast topics, equivalent to regular MBA
  • Complete flexibility choosing the subjects in second year..So if you want to specialize in one stream, you can
  • Good opportunity for networking with fellow students. You may find senior resourceful colleagues
  • If you are interested in entrepreneurship , you can seriously work with team mates in final project.
  • Most value for money course from IIMs for executives.
  • Opportunity to acquire very good knowledge from both Professors and students.

  • No life for two weekends for two years..really hard to keep the motivation up during later part of the course
  • Not much consideration for us as working students..projects and assignments for all subjects. But not to worry about the marks, hardly anyone gets DCP.
  • Not all professors are good..some may very academic..but this is the case with all premium institutes.
  • No placement assistance. Some students may have this expectation. But there is an elaborate effort to rope in EPGP Alumni across cities and batches that may start facilitating placements among students.