Thursday, January 26, 2017

EPGP - IIM Kozhikode vs IIM Ahmedabad

Few days back IIM Ahmedabad announced launch of a new executive programme named EPGP, Executive Post Graduate Programme. The news was published in many mainstream national news media in India. I found that media had claimed this course as first of it's kind in India. Form the basic description, the course looked similar to IIM Kozhikode's EPGP offering. Therefore, I visited the official IIMA website to validate the claim (Link). To my astonishment, the course seemed exactly same as IIMK's EPGP. More details are yet to be published, but it seemed to me as copy pasted course from IIMK. Few points which are exactly same as IIMK are:

  1. Statellite + Inclass offering
  2.  2 years general management course; includes common/compulsory subjects  list of alternative subjects
  3. Will offer diploma
  4. Will be given Alumni status
  5. Rigor similar to regular PGP course
  6. No official placement assistance
  7. Same eligibility criteria
I think the above list covers almost all important sides of a course. Hence, without waiting for the final details, we can confidently figure out that this is a duplicate offering of IIMK EPGP. The one and the only visible difference is the course fee. IIMA is charging 17 Lacs as the course fee, while IIMK is charging only 8 Lacs! Is it worth...............?😒 (Will put forward my opinion soon)